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Real Estate, Our estates boast of sophisticated and best facilities. Including adequate drainage systems, 24 hours turnaround security, shopping centers, uninterrupted power supply, treated water, good road network and many more.

Our Estates includes:

Ventura courts

Ventura Courts Is Strategically Located In A Calm, Well Planned, Smart Green Environment Of Ibeju-Lekki. It Has A Master Class Architectural Design, With A High Concentration Of Carbon-dioxide Generated By The Ever Green Lush Vegetative Environment.

Serenity Estate

Serenity Estate is a calm and peaceful smart green environment located at Ise Village in Ibeju-lekki local Government Area. It is 15mins drive away from la campgne resort.  Serenity Estate is filled with nature’s fortune. Invest today and expect 100% return on investment in future.

Prime coast scheme 2

Located at Sanusi Village, 20minutes drive from the popular LA Champagne Tropicana Beach Resort, at the Investment Hub, Ibeju-Lekki area, it is a combination of natures Providence and Architectural technology innovation, put together to give you the needed comfort, and pleasure.

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